To honor the great lord who made the dream possible, we relaunched our Commander Leonel Cameirinha.
A wine that is always unique, from a special grape variety and an exclusive harvest.

Leonel Cameirinha, born on March 16, 1926, in Beja, was the founder of our history.

He was one of the biggest entrepreneurs in Alentejo, having been perhaps the most important in the region in recent years. He was responsible for the creation of several companies, having been a representative of several car brands and also invested in hotels in Beja, where he installed Melius, the first hotel in the city. It was after that that he bought Herdade da Figueirinha, which later continued to grow in the hands of his grandson Filipe Cameirinha Ramos.

He was responsible for founding the PAX radio station and was on the board of the Commercial Association and the Núcleo Empresarial of the Beja Region.

Comendador Leonel Cameirinha made history in Beja and Figueirinha and it is with pride in this history that we launch this wine.

Do we toast?
To the founder of Figueirinha!