Last Wednesday, May 17th, Herdade da Figueirinha received a visit from the Patronato de Santo António school with children between 3 and 5 years old.
It was a full day, with the right to visit the Herdade, with the arrangement of the cob branches, the kids olive oil tasting and even the sticking of the labels personalized by each child.

For us Bejenses, the day of the cob is very important. That’s why on this day we live a tradition that was passed on to us as little ones and that, today, we also pass it on to our children.On Cob Day, also known as Ascension Thursday, the consecration of Spring is celebrated. According to tradition, each plant on the branch has a meaning:

  • Spike – represents bread;
  • Marigold – represents wealth;
  • Poppy – represents love;
  • Oliveira – represents peace;
  • Rosemary – represents health;
  • Vine – represents joy.
In addition to contact with the land, our boys had the opportunity to learn, laugh, play and they were all proud of their own – and only – bottle of olive oil.
It was an amazing day!